this is perfect

I wish I had enough guts to do this to my own room.
I swear it would all be gone in a week though. hello I'm sorta OCD & everything in my room has to be perfect. I couldn't even do this in my closet. Maybe if I was living in a dorm room I would.....

But Nicole is at the perfect age for this magazine wall collage.
Its perfect for inspiration
Its perfect for covering bare walls & adding inspiration
Its just perfect!

We spent a full night a month ago cutting out pages of a magizine and decided then we would hang all that inspiration on Nicole's wall above her bed!
Yesterday we started the collage. It took, all day....and a lot of tape & tacks, time, and music playing, to get this completed.

By the end of hanging everything we started to maybe go a little crayyy beacuse we were calling each other 'dude,' and laughing histarically at nothing. lets just say our parental units were concerned.

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