lets talk easter weekend

Easter weekend was welcomed with a slumber party filled with A Midnight in Paris and 20/20 episodes. and that was just the start.

A Friday filled with a 196o circa inspired photo shoot. Then another photo shoot with the GORG Faith and all her freckles.

A Saturday slaving away at covering our whole backyard with sod (grass). Hard work. no joke. thank the lord for three willing teenage boys; who came and helped a sista out!

An evening filled with a huge BBQ at a family friends property in the middle of a forest. I was driving convertible, listening to Coldplay and Ravens & Chimes. Gavin even decided to join us and we walked around in the warm weather, hiding eggs from eager kiddos.
side note-confetti eggs were all destroyed before the kids could get them, i still have confetti in my hair.
A very redneck ride in a tractor bucket. I never laughed so hard.
Wearing HOTPink pants and having three people mock me to my face. I don't mind. they just don't know how much cooler I look then them.

A Midnight filled with Shel & Nicole watching Titanic in 3D. We might have busted out singing My Heart Will Go On- 4x on the way home...we are such 90's girls...or at least we wish.

A sunday morning filled with a beautiful church service & a relaxing night with my close family. we all watched My Girl then had pie; good night.

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