happy list

A list of lovely things that make me happy:

A phone call from sister, and she meows at me. its how we talk to each other.

Niece now joining in on the 'meowing,'  its sorta the cutest thing ever.


freckles. every single one on everyone is beautiful.
niece is lucky and has one on her little toe. lucky kid.

Driving in a jam packed car, wiht best friends family. we were all laughing/singing, windows down, seventy degree air flowing in...& then glancing at her mom and seeing the sweetest smile across her face..it was precious.

listening to Kina Grannis and her angelic voice.

taking pictures with the absolute best light. I was screaming with joy...oh what my clients have to deal with when I take their photos.

Knowing that finals will soon be over and summer will be here.

A cold glass filled to the rim with ice and lemonade.

Hugs from your cousins.

conquering the french braid, im one proud chic. & my sister will be happy she no longer has to do them for me!

off days spent with my padre. he sorta loves his daughter!

colored jeans. that i dyed myself....

LIFE is just BEAUTIFUL. END of Story.

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