awkward things keep happening to me

Lets first discuss my Tuesday morning.
I'm running late for class.
A class that happens to be located right next to a pond my university has.
This pond has a TON of ducks, geese, & just gross scary things chilling around the shore.
So guess what. 
I made eye contact with one...
Harmless...I thought.
That was until it started chasing me.
Then all his buddies joined in & started chasing me.

then they caught me and started to stinkin bite me with their beaks. 
I could have died.
Lets just say that was awkward. 

& now I officially (highly) dislike geese type animals.
They suck.

Okay second awkward occurrence..
Someone accidentally spit on me.
and then while i was freaking out...
Saying, "Wipe that off me!"
They took their hand and wiped it all the way down my leg.
ya. thats not what i meant.
I was not a happy girl.

And finally third awkward thing..
The part that I am writing about both of those experiences on a public blog.

So the lessons learned this week.
Never look ducks in the eye. Ever.
If someone spits on you....Slap them upside their head.
And always post embarrassing things on your blog.

the end.

Brittany AustinComment