his plans

I'm gonna be all serious today and discuss how my plan is not always what He has in store for me. I try to remember that God's plans are way better than my plans. Even if every part of me wants to move to Washington, its just not going to happen for me right now. This makes me sad...but then I wonder, I must be staying here another year for a certain reason. A reason that is unknown to me today but a reason that one day I will see.
I also wonder why do I want to move to Washington so badly. Of course my sister is there and the weather is dream like. I just need to step back and realize that the place I am in...a small college town, filled with people I don't know, is very amazing. I smile still, I laugh still, and that feeling makes me know that everything will be all right.  He has a great plan for me.
Brittany AustinComment