too much thinking

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately.
Thinking is never a good thing with me though.
I think about my life and where I am.
I contemplate if this is really the place I need to be.
I cry because of my confusion.
I never saw me being eighteen and not going to my dream school.
   Not living in dorms with my new best friends.
   Not meeting people.
   Sucking at every class.
Today after all that thinking I feel a calm over me.
The weird part is that calm came right after I said a prayer.
I know that my Heavenly Father, wants me to succeed.
He has given me awesome opportunities to do so..
And this is the time in my life when I can screw up, and fix anything.
I can change something if it feels wrong.
If I hate my major I can change it.
If I hate my attitude I can change that.
If I hate anything I have the power to try to make things better.

Todays change is to make the best of the college I'm at.
Tomorrows change will be to look forward to a place I will truly be happy at...Oregon.

I am also thankful for the one constant in my life.
My faith.
even if my home, family, friends, or scenery change. 
My faith & my church are always there.

A confused college girl.