Dear anonymous..


Dear anonymous..
I am sad to say goodbye.
I am sad I'm not the one you want writing you.
I am overjoyed by your choice to serve the Lord.
I think you are one of the best guys I have ever known.
You taught me a lot about what a real guy does.
I wish we were closer, like when we were young.
I wish I wouldn't of ruined our friendship.
You were the reason I cried yesterday.
You were the reason I cried these past years. 
However I hope the best for you.
I will always pray for you.
I'm the one who is finally realizing what you're missing out on.
A girl, who is awesome, a girl anyone would be lucky to know.
You're missing out.
And I'm not going to stick around waiting.
Because I am telling myself I will be okay.
And I know you will be even better.

Always in my heart.. but forever far from my mind..
Brittany Austin2 Comments