random accomplishment

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Best part of my school is we are sponsored by PEPSI!
Now this is a pretty big deal for me.
Who has been loving pepsi, forevaaa. & living in TX the DRPEPPER capital of the world.
I love seeing those 20 oz. everywhere.....yehaaa!

also my facial expressions are ridiculous..every picture, I cant help but look lame, its a prob.

Anyway. I fell down the stairs yesterday. So that was a pretty fun experience.
Best part was when i totally did a back flip. what an accomplishment for me.
I have been trying to master a good back flip for a decade now. And I DID it!
Along with making my poor knee swell up like no other!

Also, my previous post was depressing. However, its something really important in my life that happened and I'm going to blog about it, regardless of who is going to read it. It was how I felt.. & it was the best thing for me to get it off my chest! I am slowly becoming a stronger girl, who can handle almost everything thrown at her, and anonymous was the reason I got there. I'll miss him. But I feel like something NEW is about to happen for me!