sweet disposition


Have I ever mentioned my extreme love for
Joseph Gordon-Levitt or 500 days of Summer?
And can you believe that Mr. Levitt is the star of the movie. Yes, it's partially true that every time I watch the movie, I die because of how much a little cutie Mr. Levitt is. And I imagine how lovely it would be to be called Mrs. B Levitt. No, I'm not a stalker, but yes I'm a dreamer.
My intense love for the movie 500 days of summer, is because it reminds me of my own love story. A love story that was truly never there for the other person, lets just call it a total bummer. eww, lets not even talk about it. So whenever I am feeling down, and lame because I have no plans on a Saturday night, I watch 500 days, and get happy, because its super inspiring.

I cant wait till I can find that person I click with, that I can run through Ikea with. Pretending it's our house and laughing contagiously. Someone that will embrace my indie-like music, my messy hair buns, my love for floral, and cute quotes about love. I know he is somewhere. I am so excited to meet him & have him make me laugh.

Love B Levitt