for the love of blogging

saweet airplane shot!

Some one asked me the other day..
"Why do you blog, if know one really reads it?"
hmmm rude.
No im just kidding, they made a good point.
And i said firmly but with a smile,
"because its like my own personal journal, that is so easy for me to use, since I can keep up with my laptop a lot better than a journal. Oh and because when I was younger and I journaled somehow it would always end up in the hands of my mother, and well nobody wants your mom finding out who my latest crush was and what me and my friends are talking about, umm mind your own business mama. So keeping it online is not only easier for me, but it helps me not to talk bad about something, or someone. I might regret some of the things I post in a few months, but it helps me to learn how everyday I'm changing. It's just awesome, and I don't care if no one reads it honestly."

so maybe I did not say that exactly..but almost exactly.
So if you do read, thats really super lovely of you!

Love B