my ideal life

My Englich IV class was instructed to write a short paper about how we see our life in 10 years, if everything worked out as we planned.

So I wrote it and I'm posting it on my blog, and trust me you wont regret reading it, its so lovely, it sorta reminds me of a Nora Jones song, or something.

My Ideal Life

I twist my hair all to one side of my neck and reflect on the life I now have. I think of my younger self, so worried about the choices she was confronted with. So today I chose to write a letter to that girl, about how my life is now, a simple life, but a life that I had always dreamed of.

Sometimes I feel like I wake up too early in the morning, but the reason I wake up so early is always worth it. I cuddle my baby, and watch her gently smile and then the aches from lack of sleep seem to dissipate. I open the blinds and curtains throughout the house and one by one my family is awake, and the rush of the day begins. I make breakfast, braid hair, tie his tie, and get sweet kisses as everyone disperses out of the house off to their daily routine. I resume as well and head to my computer, watch the photos I have taken the previous day, one by one upload. I edit some and prepare myself for today’s events.

I hear the pacific wave’s crash against the shore as I make my way from the house to my car. I drive into the hustle and bustle of downtown Portland. I turn on the lights to my small studio warehouse-which I absolutely adore. Clients arrive and we laugh and smile as I take their pictures. Five o’clock always comes to quickly, and I leave the studio, to head home.

I see my children’s face light up when they see me come to the door and pick them up. With the car seats fastened, we are on our way home. I cook a simple dinner as the kids patiently await, while painting pictures, I could never make out. I leave the room for a second and grab my camera and snap some shots of them giggling with each other. I hear the door open and he is home. I blush, and we embrace. He then begins playing with the children and telling them silly and slightly cheesy knock-knock jokes. We all gather around one large white table, to eat. I listen to everyone’s conversations, watch their gentle faces, and am thankful for all of them. After dinner is complete, he helps me clean the table and the children clean with yellow dish towels. We do dishes together, just me and him, and watch the sun slowly settle for the night, out the large windows.

The day is almost over and I remind the children how long they have until bed, while I prepare their bath, I pour jasmine vanilla soap in, and watch the bubbles form. After baths I place mix-match pajamas on them, and we all head into the living room for family prayer. He always knows what to say and I respect how endearing he is. After a sweet prayer, we tuck each child into their bed, with a forehead kiss, and a simple, “I love you.” He and I then walk to the balcony, I grab a small fuzzy blanket, and we sit. We watch the waves that play as our backyard, and we talk, and he makes me laugh. I feel so in love, not only with him, but with the life I created with him.

My day may seem pleasant but we have out problems, screaming children, mortgages, and the never pleasant crying. But we find happiness and inspiration in our adventures. They might seem like small and simple things, but they are our ideal life.

Love B