garritt + cassie wedding


I feel so honored to have taken wedding photos of these two. I basically got to hang out with them on their very best day for a few hours and it was my favorite. We shot at both the LDS temple here in Portland and at the Japanese Rose Gardens. The weather was the perfect mixture of overcast and sunshine. We shot a bunch of lovey dovey goodness and be sure to scroll all the way to the end to see some of my most favorite wedding photos I have ever taken.

PS I met Cassie & Garritt a few weeks after they started dating and told my friends how much I wanted to take their wedding photos that same night. And well it happened! Congrats you two! 

stever 72.jpg
stever 63 (1).jpg
stever 2 (2).jpg
stever 62 (1).jpg
stever 61 (1).jpg
stever 68 (1).jpg
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stever 73.jpg
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