Living more simply and with more intention is extremely important for me and my home life. I make sure each piece of decor is something I love and means something to me. I moved into my new place a few weeks ago and it was a great way to refresh my belongings and only put out things I love. I hope you love a little glimpse into my home. 

A few of my favorite things in my home:

- vintage Oregon flag I got with friends at a vintage sale

- drift wood collection, basically free decor

- vintage camera collection (each have all been gifts from my favorite people)

- framed pictures of my photo booth images

- gavin's lookout perch 

- most of the furniture I own is actually from my childhood room when an ikea opened about 14 years ago in texas ;) 

stever 17.jpg
stever 9.jpg
stever 23.jpg
stever 22.jpg
stever 8.jpg
stever 11.jpg
stever 3.jpg
stever 16.jpg
stever 5.jpg
stever 18.jpg
stever 25.jpg
stever 7.jpg
stever 14.jpg
stever 19.jpg
stever 21.jpg
stever 26.jpg
stever 12.jpg

want sources? feel free to leave a question in the comments and I will reply the best I can.