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While in England I experienced my first true english accents and I have been forever changed. Quick story from the days when we stayed in Preston, England. Our whole group went the grocery store to get some food for the upcoming sunday and while we were there I had my first encounter with a native and it was adorable and I felt like I should never leave. England was one of my favorites because I not only conquered the accent but enjoyed my fair share of walking a million miles in London (lost in hyde park freaking out). Fish and Chips that beat every other fish and chips out of the water (punny). Rode on double decker buses. Decided I am now retiring in the Lake district, to be exact in Windermere- life changing.  We rode the Eye and I did not even freak out and the view of the whole city was everything to me. Then we took an early morning train under the ocean to Paris....just wait for that post...my pictures are actually decent.