christmas day in texas

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I will probably forever remember this day as something really special. The plan after christmas was to head out on a major cross country road trip before heading back to Idaho to start my final semesters. I went to bed on christmas night feeling so happy but so worried. Change is a scary thing for me. I was worried if I left the very next morning that nothing would ever be the same and in that moment we were happy and that it self seems so hard to leave. I canceled my road trip plans and decided to spend more time with my family. Time to me is the most priceless thing. I would much rather anyone spend time with me then buy me something. So for christmas I got the ultimate gift. I got time. Extra time with my favorite, wacky, dysfunctional, beautiful, wonderful people.
Also my best friend is here and that just makes me all sorts of happy.
Brittany AustinComment