I like to make up nicknames for the people I love.
Mostly I will call them the first letter of their name. Or something like seriously cray cray!
With my grandmother the nicknames are endless. 

You have Grandma. boring....

grahams....which is what all my siblings & myself call her.

G.. however this one confuses me...cause my perros name is sorta G, too.

G to thaaaa ma... ya I enjoy this one.

G-MA... I HIGHLY enjoy this one!

SO after I finished class yesterday I decided to take a stroll down to her house.
We sat and chatted...or she chatted.
She told me funny stories.
especially ones about my dad....

She truly is an awesomely, stubborn, full Irish, opinionated, caring, warm, surgery having, serious, sugar cookie making grandma, or G-MA. Whatever you prefer.

I really enjoying spending my free time with her.
because all we have left is time.