lucky one

My family christmas party encompassed my sunday evening.
It was pretty lovely, yet, awkward.
Lets first discuss my lovely G-MA's present for the year. 
It was clothing from a local shopping store, called Bells. 
However i like to make fun of it and call it grandmaaaaaSTORE.
yes I call it grandmaaaaSTORE, I call it that proudly.
She purchased me a delightful shirt.
Oh that was an awkward moment.
ha she was so sweet about it though, which will make returning it more guilt filled.

But i must profess the best moment hands down was opening a polaroid camera. 
Talk about one thrilled 18 year-old and one lucky girl, i am.
I'm pretty sure every person should have polaroid photos of themselves.
They are like the cutest little things ever. 
Every time I look at those things I smile.