adios fall 2011

I stepped out of the classroom.
Noticed the dark sky.
I raced to my car, drove out of the parking lot.
Feeling more accomplished than I have ever felt.

I feel like the next month is going to the best seriously.
I'm so excited for the next week.
First I get a full day of spending time with my Best Friend, M.
We have been planning our date for forever now.
It will include fab food & an unnecessary amount of shopping at Northpark.
Oh did i mention laughter, yes, tons of laughter too.
Then the following days will be filled with hours in the closet choosing what to bring to my vacation to WA.
Also trips to Walmart to buy swedish fish & a season of some television show I've never seen. 
Then Friday, adios.

I'm pretty sure I have never been so excited to see my sisters cute little face.
And to see all my Northwestern family and all their skateboarding, cheerleading, football playing, kiddos.
(those kids have to be 78% cooler than me)
I'm pretty thrilled to see all their faces & hug them, and make them feel awkward.
yes, awkward.