scenes from the weekend

Another weekend spent with Ky.
I took her to build a bear,
and she got a lamb, and named it Isabella.
She was really happy.
Just imagine smiles from ear to ear.
It was pretty thrilling.

The next day, we went to church with Ky's aunt Tina, and her grandma.
Then Tina decided to spoil us
and took the kysters and me to get our nails done.
HOT Pink for me & SPARKLY purple for Ky.

You see my FEATHER earrings?
They cost like $2.00.
Dang they have good shopping in Portland.
I thought I looked cute..yesterday,
till I spilt my drink all over me,
and had to walk around with wet jeans..
so I just took pictures from the top up..
because everyone knows I am wearing gym shorts in these pictures.
But for real I am.
Late Sunday afternoon.
Consisted of an impromptu stroll around the neighborhood,
in PJ's and pretty flats.
I participated in this apparel too.
Tater joined us and we strolled down the block,
and then someone started to whine,
so I tucked her into bed.
She then got out of bed, came on the deck,
and listened to my two hour conversation with Shelby.
She laughed when I laughed...It was so cute,
she was so delirious.
I have to say I am such a good babysitter
..since I pretty much let her stay up to ten pm.
But hey she's my niece.
And I'm a cool Aunt who makes macaroni for breakfast.