oh kylie

I like to call her ky though. She's my lovely little niece. She has the cutest personality for a four year old too. Oh and she has some crazy good fashion since, for reals. So I asked her some questions....

What's you favorite thing to do?
play, put the cherries on the tree

Who do you like to play with?
{her brother}

Favorite pair of shoes?
lellie kellies

Favorite hairstyle?
then she said, "I love my hair because its beautiful"
{wow she's definetly my sisters daughter}

Whats your favorite teddy bear?
his name is monkey bear, he sounds like a monkey, huh?

Whats your favorite thing about christmas?
gettin toys

Favorite movie?

at this time she told me i was acting like her dance class teacher, by asking her all these questions

Favorite food?
cheese crackers

Who's better, mommy or daddy?
for sure mommy!

i love her<3
photo by me