{merry merry merry christmas}

Here are some pictures of christmas morning at my lovely sisters house!
{the morning included}
crepes for breakfast
smiles and tears, yes tears apparently blowing your nose when your 4 really hurts, poor thing is super sick
lots of pink stuff, including baby dolls and a baby bed
a new computer for the nephew
my sister spending the last forty eight hours in the kitchen
my dad getting me the wrong adobe photoshop, its the movie editor one.
and the last time i checked im a photographer
he blames the guy at best buy!
LOTS OF LONG SOCKS for my boots:)
cute WSU gear
a lovely necklace from me for my sis/best friend
and a lovely frame from my sister
now off to another sister's Inlaws party!

my sisters family at last nights christmas party
ps. going to your sister's inlaws christmas party is ummm super awkward!
thank god for iphones

lots of love<3
Have a Merry Christmas, and don't forget to remember the true meaning, Jesus's birth!