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YA! I'm back for more stories of the last half of my study abroad trip. Since it has been about a year the memories are beginning to fade so I thought I should get them written before they really fade away. I hope you enjoy the last few countries I will be sharing.

Germany was a sort of break during our trip. We rested and slept a whole lot. We stayed in the best hotel of the whole entire trip however some of us got a bad case of bed bugs. And I was sadly one of them (btw the bites last for months). Other than a few other dramatic experiences we did happen to have time to have some of the best local cuisine. AKA we got Mexican food and it was one of the best meals we had had in months. Europe just doesn't understand spicy food. The city of Munich was really so beautiful and very calm compared to all the other very touristy places we had been experiencing. Empty streets and beautiful history. We didn't have very much time for exploring but one of my favorite places we visited was a castle in the Black Forest. Basically I want to move there and be happy forever.
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