Here is to you 2014!

January was filled with the the start of a new semester and snow snow snow.
February and most of my above mention semester had to do with photography. I don't think I have ever done more photo shoots in my life. But I absolutely loved every bit of it. Along with photos this month was filled with some hard times and some homesickness.
March was a great month filled with many adventures and photo shoots around Idahome. The snow slowly started melting around us and the trips began.
April came with the end of another semester and a trip to my short tern stent in Washington. I spent the month very unemployed and very worried, but very happy to spend so much time with my sister and her family. Along with a fresh batch of cavalier puppies. So much snuggles.
May was filled with hikes around the pacific north west, online crazy hard classes, still jobless, and to much time overthinking. Which led to homesickness again and by the end of the month and my 21st birthday I was back in Texas.
June was filled with employment, online even harder crazy classes, and about zero free time. I loved and grew to cherish free time and moments that did not include work. I savored the moments I spent with family.
July was extremely similar to June so it was a blur that flew by. But school ended in the later part of the month and a whole bunch of relief set in. Also I had time to take photos with my real camera which induces happiness because homegirl got herself a 50mm.
August had lots of 40 hour work weeks and lots of preparation and saving. I never spent less money in my whole life. I was saving and saving for the trip of my lifetime.
September was the start of my adventure through Europe. I still can't actually believe that I was there and it actually happened to me. We toured Ireland and England in September and I met some of the best people and saw so many beautiful things.
October may be my favorite month of the year because it includes one of my favorite days. The day we walked around Paris and I was just awe struck the whole time. France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. Wow. Just wow. I was a bit sad to come home but the exhaustion made it seem more acceptable. I want to go back right now.
November felt slow and good. The temperatures were really nice and I worked long weeks with lots of overtime. I guess thats what happens in the grocery industry during thanksgiving, its basically the Super Bowl. However I spent some good time with the little sister and my hometown bestie so everything felt good. Also I can't not mention my dads and mine addiction to Gilmore Girls. 7 seasons of pure glory and agony because we couldn't remember who Loreli ended up with.
December was fast, wow. before I knew it I was putting in my two weeks notice and started preparing for the happiest time of years. Lindsay came to town and we spent most of the time eating pies and gawking over the cutest puppy and lots of adventure canceling.
Now towards 2015. This year is going to be a year for adulthood. Along with graduating college this summer and hopefully figuring out my future its going to be a big year and I am excited.
also no more school yipee!
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