a list


Winter is almost gone and hopefully so are my blues. I have about six weeks left at school before I leave Rexburg for a year. A much needed year. I am so excited for the things that are coming in this upcoming year but I am sad to leave Rexburg and the sweetest friends I have made, but my sole needs it. My plan right now is to live with my sister during the spring and summer. Then head to Europe for my study abroad. Both sound so good they make me smile just thinking about it. For now I am going to make a list of things to look forward to that will help me overcome this next month. 
1. I can't wait to see my sister everyday. Like I can't explain it in words. Why is she so so good?
2. Getting to spend the warm summer days in my favorite place on earth, the Northwest. 
3. Kylie and me, dance parties, selfie taking, water fights, laughing. 
4. Getting real world experience at my Internship.
5. Cooking with my sister, cleaning her kitchen, its the little things. 
6. Real restaurants and shopping and farmers markets and bike rides. 
7. Saving every penny and paying for my way to Europe. that will be the best feeling. 
8. Going to Europe...seeing the eiffel tower....going to Austria.
9. Spending time with my dad, just me and him, for my road trip from Idaho to Washington. I miss him. 
10. Being healthier and happier. 
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