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there is nothing I love more than fog and evergreens

I probably have never said this about a certain year but 2013 was one of the best in my life. 
I wrote on my blog last year that it was my year of change, but it was that and so much more. 
I wanted to create a list about why it was so great. 
  1. Going to a school that has completely changed what I thought education could be. BYU-I forever. 
  2. Meeting some really inspiring people. People that I would have never came across if it wasn't for our that above mentioned school. I never thought I would create so many bonds with so many different extraordinary people. 
  3. Learning so much about photography and having my passion shared by so many other people. 
  4. Pinterest. Silly, I know but it was my place of inspiration when I felt down or stuck. Also sending and receiving pins is the best thing I have ever came across. 
  5. My relationships with those closest to me from home were sometimes pushed to the back burner but I'm happy to know those people are always a text a way. 
  6. My sister is the coolest person alive and so that makes my life great always. 
  7. Sitting on my couch in my apartment and singing songs with my roommates. Nothing better than feeling comfortable and forming lasting bonds with those people. 
  8. Yellowstone National Park & Mesa Falls, I can't explain my love for these places, Idaho is really so pretty. 
  9. Being a part of the Scroll, BYU-I's newspaper. I may have cursed its name at points but I seriously made the best of friends and learned so many things about photography. I also got to shoot general conference so basically my life is forever made. 
  10. Opening an email that told me I was accepted for a study abroad program next fall. I can't even explain my joy about this. 
I'm looking forward to every bit of next year. I smile just thinking about it.

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