what have you learned?

At church my bishop posed a question to us. He said, "what have you learned this past year?"
This got me thinking, what have I really learned. The first thing that comes to my mind is the aching pain that comes from missing people. I have learned that family is what truly matters. They are the late night phone calls, the sweet text messages, the love thats always there. It's remarkable to think that I even made it this long with out seeing them. Seven months did not even sound that long back in January.
But the distance is about to end for a few weeks and I'm so excited.
I can almost image what its going to be like to see them. I see tight, losing your breath hugs from sharon. My dad smiling from ear to ear, Alba gazing over at him. The laughing you can hear from miles away. And just being with them. Ok three weeks...please please go by fast!
Brittany AustinComment