the best weekend

I sorta maybe had the best weekend of my life. I could not wipe the smile off of my face. It was all around such a blessing to drive down to Utah.
It included:
My sweet roomie, Em & I jammed to our hearts content to every song we owned. especially tswift.
We ate way to many dark chocolate covered pomegranates.
Stayed with the sweetest family from Hawaii who catered to every need, especially food needs, and that food was literally the best.
Saw my very best friend and squeezed her and laughed like no separation had ever occurred.
Went to the festival of colors and met some of the nicest people ever.
Gave lots of hugs and almost cried.
Had an easter with out my own family. I felt the love from people I did not even know. and it reminded me how great families are and how precious they can be.
Said goodbyes.
Drove my car back to Idaho & cried. that may sound rather silly. but I can barely remember a time where I stepped out of my comfort zone so much and lived my life. It strange to me how beautiful of a life I was missing out on for so many years by being shy.
It was really a weekend to never forget.
It was the best weekend.
Brittany AustinComment