a girl can wish

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1- This Iphone alarm clock would make getting up on early morning that much more simplistic. 
2- Walking to church in Idaho is going to be quite frigid, keeping my legs warm would be perfect.
3- Now I know this is sort of ridiculous but a girl can wish for the lightest mac ever right. ha joke.
4- I have longed for a record player these last months, the music has such a different texture, like cake.
5- This is my main wish for christmas. black matte in a size ten, please. like pretty pretty please.
6- A jewl stand or a tree whichever you want to call this would be perfect in my apartment. 
7- cat studded earrings would complete my life. 
8- I love Kate Spade's Twirl perfume. I would probably do a lot of spinning when wearing it.
9- This map is also very stylish and would probably help me find my way to washington & Texas.
10- A floral Iphone case is perfect for when I'm feeling ultra girly and sweet.
11- I have too many of these skirts and I wear them too much because they are my absolute favorite. 
12- Everybody knows my infatuation with cats is getting out of hand and this cover would confirm that.
13- The very last one is my most favorite and would probably die on the ground if i ever had an assortment of vintage cameras. literally dead on ground.- no link for this one-try antique stores.

I'm one of those people. those people who does not look forward to receiving presents on christmas.
Does that make me a terribly awful person? I think not. I just call it picky.
So for the sake of my sweet family I created a very large list of things that are on my wish list.

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