i cant write this without smiling

So my sister is hands down my favorite person on this earth.
I know thats a drastic statement, but its so true. literally favorite person ever.
I think of my life and its not complete without her.
  -running through ikea and acting like its our home
  -that late night of watching the bachelor in your guest bedroom
  -crying together when we watched my sisters keeper
  -quick phone calls that turn into hours
  -embarrassing things at target
  -panini eating
  -shaking your booty
  -putting unnecessary things in your shopping carts
  -touching your chin
  -best beach day with the hottest sand ever
  -road tripping to washington
  -finding you on the side of your house eating beef jerky
  -summer water fights
  -lazy days with law and order
  -OCD cleaning days
  -that one time you waxed my eyebrows
  -that one time we drove home from seattle and sang If I Die Young the whole time

she taught me how to really laugh.
how to take life easily.
how to be strong.
how to be independent.
how to overcome awkwardness.
she taught me how it feels to have a true best friend.
because she truly is my best friend.
I'm beyond grateful to have been blessed with such an awesome sister.
Jenj you are the best and really deserve the best.
have a great birthday!
I cant wait to see you and laugh till we are in pain.

Brittany AustinComment