summer trip to washington

Moments from a week in Washington 
cheese burger heaven on the 4th of july
 my niece kylie and her friend jocelyn
 ky doing the catwalk. get honey child.
 my sister is awesome and she makes pretty food like strawberry shortcake
 freedom and a cast yo.
 we love america
 we love hugging people

 sparklers are all the rage. 

 crazy but wonderful 4th! So glad i got to spend it with my washington fam!
 I got to take pictures of sean. lets just say that human is very strange. 
 this human, also know as my sister. is freakin gorgeous. get out of here jenj.
 my sister's family and I froze to DEATH. at the beach. at least we got to eat overpriced corn dogs!

 my gorgeous niece running and sorta not wanting to smile at the camera.
 baby lincoln stealing everyones heart.

 SHE IS NOT HIS MOTHER! ha just his aunt.
 OBSESSED with this child. also my sister made his bow tie. she is ridic.

i honestly almost died when i saw this field. no but seriously.
 hi. your pretty sister. meow.


my nephew dylan. or i sometimes call him daffodil. he's handsome.
Overall it was a crayyyy crayyy time filled with a lot of laughter and happiness. I am so blessed to be able to go see them in the summer!
Now all I have to wait for is my sister to come and see me in a month! Good lord I'm excited!
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