let it go

I am by no means perfect and have said I "hated," a number of people. But this weekend I realized how hating someone has no effect on them but has more effect on ourselves.I learned a lesson this weekend. I'm sure its something everyone faces in their lives. Its a lesson on how to act when we "hate" someone.
when we hate someone, we obsess about everything they say and do. Then we allow all of those things to affect us and then we put ourselves in a miserable mood. A miserable mood means we are angry towards the people around us and take it all out on them.
So how can we stop hating & being miserable....
simple. find something good in that person.
but the best way to stop hating is forgiving that person for whatever they did.
and forgetting it. and let it go.....live in the present and remember resentment is only hurting you, not them.

I wish I could have realized this years ago. Its so simple.