i like love you.

This is my inspiration to keep happy on vday.
Even though I really have no valentine, I'm thrilled (sarcasm) for all those around my who have someone special in their life.
I can't wait for it to happen to me.

SO who is my official valentine?
the peole that are below.
of course my dog is first. he is the winner winner chicken dinner. He has this little heart of mine. Congrats gav!

 (BTW M looking good!)

my best friends, both of these girls. No doubt about it. they are the most hilarious, gorgeous, best people I know. I'm lucky I get to be roomies with one in a few months! 

Nicole. She is seriously like a ray of sunshine.
happy happy girl. 

my padre. he is pretty chill.

Ky, kyster, kytina, kyky, kylie. whatever her name is...I like her & that attitude she has.

this girl right there, you see her, the over achiever, fashionista, cuteyyy. well she is my sister & she made me put her on this list. meow meow, jenjtyler.

last but not least is this little love bug. hello you make my day. you are gorgeous.
you are seriously my favorite cousin. shhh dont tell all 200 of the rest of them.

I hope everyones v-day is spectatular. I will be spending mine watching the bachelor (yes.) & doing math homework. dear future boy-toy....come save me.
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