what they forgot to mention

when i graduated high school nobody told me how stressful college is.
did I mention we have these things called FINALS, and basically its the source of making my temper snap, the most unclean bedroom of my WHOLE LIFE happen, making me have bags under my eyes, and making it so i never even get to attempt to breathe fresh air. Oh wait i do breathe small amounts while running from class to the library. AW college you sure are stressful.

Today is my last day of classes. Then I have two REAL FINAL test, next week. AW the JOY!
But to sum up my semester, it was pretty brilliant, and I have learned an expedient amount of information. Did you notice my use of the word expedient, ya, well college makes you use all these huge  words, and its pretty cool. However i still like short words here on the blog. basically because I know my sister reads it, about once every two months & she likes short words (GO JENJTYLER).

If you are also faced with the strenuous torture that is faced with final go listen to this playlist. AW its like strawberry ice cream and hot summer days, spent in an ice cold pool (basically heaven), yaaa your welcome.