These final weeks of my semester have definetly been the most stressful of my life.
Maybe thats why I cant even break a smile in the photos above.
Thank God, for pinterest, photography, and long conversations on the phone with jenjtyler, or I might not make it.
I am so looking forward to a long winter break in which I can laugh a lot.
Curl my hair daily.
Wear PJ's/work out clothes and watch SVU with Jenjtyler, snuggled up on her cold leather couches.
To see my nieces face, she might be a pain, but she is just about the funniest little thing ever.
To hear christmas songs blasting.
To have lots of photography jobs.
and to just be around the people I love, even just for even a short amount of time.
AW winter break, hurry up.

Now I have to back to writing papars,  trying to study for my math exam, and five thousand other things that sorta make me want to pull my hair out...
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