11 from 2011

11 of the most special events from 2011

Went to my senior prom and decided to rock a fierce black dress & dance like no one was watching. 

Had the best season of tennis along with my best friend and partner...oh that was until I killed my knee for a month or three. 

Spent the last day of high school with my best friend. We laughed and cried. I miss this. 

 Graduated from high school. & decided to hug a lot of people. I wish I could go back, high school was da bomb. yes, da bomb.com!

 Had the best summer ever in the North West.

 Nannied the cutest twins during the summer. They seriously made my day.

 Decided I was a loser & missed home too much, so I moved back to Texas. But the road trip their was lovely!

 After the tragic loss of my girl tater tot, I got this special pup, I named him Gavin. He's the best.

 Spent my first semester as a college student hanging out with two of the cutest high schoolers ever. 
Talk about guitar, empty bridges, and laughters.
Had an emotional break down. & learned a lot.

 Road tripped to see my best friend at her university, also made amazing plans for our future. HELLO ROOMIE!

Enjoyed my final days of 2011 at the beach watching the sunset and rise. it was heavenly, mostly cause jenjtyler was there.

Heres to another awesome year!