weekend adventures

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Seriously I had such a dang good weekend.
Friday night I went to my best friends Homecoming Game!
Where she was up for Queen!
She looked SUPA fierce!
Unfortunately it rained like a mother. And the game was delayed.
So when half time rolled around nobody was really there.

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But we got to use my fabulous clear umbrella and I might of gotten 75,000 compliments on it.

Saturday..I headed out with my Madre to the Ballon Festival.
We didn't end up going though because the weather was killer!
However we did hit up Saltgrass for a lunch special, and some fried mushrooms!
Then I had a photo shoot with a five year old, who now thinks I'm like one of her girlfriends.
And She calls me B, and I call her K!



NIGHT TIME was filled with a movie, and lots of laughter!
Then a car ride home with the coolest people ever!
We even stopped in the middle of a bridge (NO ONE EVER USES)
And sang songs to each other..
We thought we were dare devils..or something.

I went to church..and got told I needed to start going to the YSA ward...
hahaa I Love my bishop!
Then I accompianed my family to a party.
Where clay made me guess songs he was playing on the guitar..
Man that kid can play..

Note to self...you must marry someone who can play guitar...oh its mandatory!