first week of college REVIEW!



^first day look^

Dude college is legit.
I really find the first week of anything awkward though.
So I am going to write an Awkward & Awesome about college!

  • Hiding in the bathrooms, for lets say a good ten minutes, so you are not forced to have to be, that person, who gets to class super early.
  • Thinking you can wear wedges to college. Realizing later however, that, oh when you wear wedges its sorta hard to walk, and you then trip, you then lose everything in your hands, fall on your lovely bottom, in front, of hey one thousand people. Then everyone begins to stare, and no one begins to help you..and you know everyone is just thinking...stupid freshman.
  • Dressing really nice, only to realize people confuse you with professors.
  • Drawling a picture in art, of the most beautiful, Jenjtyler, and having your professor, lovingly, tell you you CAN'T draw.
  • Reading books, in my car, cause I cant remember where the darn library is.
  • Having a international student, ask you where to place his bike for safe keeping, umm, lets see here, you could put it on the bike holder thing?, oh you don't think thats a good idea...the student then talks to me..I then ask him several times to repeat himself, I get frustrated and walk away...oh snap, he is in my art class. oh hey there you little international student, did you find a good place for your dang BIKE?
  • Having a class with a kid from my high school, oh hey...Don't sit next to me, and act like we are best friends..We didnt talk in high school, what makes you think we are about to become buddies in college.

  • Art class, yes, that makes me lame!
  • Being released by your 20 mins early!
  • Intense people watching.
  • Sitting in hallway, just minding my own business. AND dang, major hottie walks in, he is carrying a satchel..I swoon, and he does a dang double take on me. (note to self..stalk the hottie with a satchel)
  • Freaking AWESOME professors!
  • Having a fresh start. Nobody knows anything about can be whoever you want to be.