A letter to my younger self


Brittany or Brittina,
Having braces does not mean you do not need to smile.
Forgive everyone, Forget nothing.
Enjoy every second with your Grandma.
Be willing to talk to people you don't know, being shy is not that fun.
Guys can be your best friends, not just your boy friends.
Whine if you have too, but only to your dad, he's the only one who pretends to listen.
Do not talk bad about someone, its just going to come right back at you.
Focus on school.
Take pictures of the world around you, or you will forget.
Never delete one picture, of one relationship you had.
Make list, and complete them.
Be the same person, no matter who is standing in front of you.
Don't take anything your brother in law says, too seriously.
Rumors are not for your ears.
Guidance is just a prayer away.
Gelato is better than ice cream.
Your sister is your best friend, and you are hers.
Listen to your Dad, he's smarter than you will ever know.
& Brittany, times will be tough, but know that tomorrow is another day.

Love B.