..resolution resolution resolution resolution..
wait, scratch that..
I'm doing a 2011 bucket list like The Daybook..
because seriously who can really keep those resolutions

1} Go brown, for a few months
2} See way to many movies with the best friends
3} Pick a college
4} oh & graduate!
5} go on a road trip to the Eastern US
6} Become a lot more focused on my photography
7} Say goodbye to old friends, & Hello to new ones
8} Send one person a text or a call about how great they are at least once a day, maybe week.
9} Learn how to make ummm steak!
10} wear red lipstick, and feel all glamourous
11} Dance the night away at prom!

Now its time to chill, drink my lovely SALTED CARMEL HOT CHOCOlate, from my bestie M.
goodness this girl knows me to well, i was like jumping up in down in the hallway, because she surprised me with it!