you call her lauren conrad, i'll call her LC

Dear LC,
may i have your closet, because you see, i'm in desperate need of some of your clothing because i just thing they are absolutely lovely.

anyways i just love lauren conrad
shes got style
she looks out for her friends
& she can write a book that i will read
yep, my kind of person.

i recently finished reading her book 'style'

lots, lots, lots, and did i say lots of pictures!
so organized
i love the mix of classic to california
& she shows how she does her braid, did i mention thats one of the main reasons i heart her.

she said no sweat pants no matter what..
im pretty positive im already breaking that rule considering im wearing those comfy suckers as i type.
and i found out she never uses eye shadow
darn broke that one too

But i really love her books, all of them, even though her series, sweet little lies, is for lets say 13 year olds, its managed to entertain me, so thats good in my book.