upp upp and away

thank my iphone for that editing.. Oh and I promise these pictures will get better soon after I can save enough for my pro Camera!

{Blouse: Nordstroms}
{Pantalones: AE}
{Boots: Kohls}
{Hippie Hair, braid included: me!}

My new obsession is taking pictures of my outfits! For real is that crazy? I hope not, because it's so fun for me! Alright I'm feeling great, I had an absolute great day, partly because I spent ninety five percent of it laughing! Goodness all I can say is I'm sure going to miss my high school friends when we all go off to different colleges. {depression} It scares me how fast my first part of my life has gone by. anywhooooo the best part of this week is for sure thanksgiving, heck yes! green-bean casssssssssssssarole!
Oh can you believe it was 80 degrees where I reside today! It's November last time I checked, so I'm in need of some lovely coat and scarf wearing weather, alright, thanks!

love B
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