monica + hayden

Spent an extra cloudy California day capturing two of my friends that are in love. Press play below. 

monica and hayden  46.jpg
PICKS monica and hayden  19.jpg


Lucky for me I met Monica on one of my first days of college. Her from California and me from Texas. She had a class with my roommate and we began having weekly lunches together that turned into trips to the local town, adventures throughout Idaho, and a connection that is undeniable. Lucky for Monica she decided on a whim to come visit my roommate and I back in our Texas hometowns during break one semester. Thats when we introduced her to Hayden. Thinking back now I remember us jokingly say, 'how perfect Hayden would be for her,' during one of those weekly lunches. 

Lucky for Hayden that a few years after their first encounter Monica was single and that Facebook Messenger was a thing. As quickly as you can hit send these two acquaintances reconnected. And the rest is flying back and forth to see each other, making time for one anther, and falling in love. 

I feel extra happy that in some strange way these two came together over states and miles. I feel even a little bit more happy that I can say I was even a tiny bit a part of it. Taking their engagements was like a beautiful dream I never wanted to end. Seeing one of your best friends so happy and so in love will give your heart all the good vibes. I can not wait to celebrate with them this year and to one day set up our future children together (lol, but seriously).